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Allred Reunion
June 25 & 26, 2010

Historic Spring City, Utah included Spring City in an October 13, 2009, article entitled 20 Towns That Are Picture-perfect. The article includes a photo of the Orson Hyde home and the old school. The author, Rob Baedeker, listed the central-Utah town of Spring City, originally a Mormon settlement as a magnet for artists. The article is on the Friends of Historic Spring City Web site:

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In 1787, William Allred and his wife, Elizabeth Thrasher, took their family, and along with a few friends, left North Carolina in search of new lands.  This family traveled for about 64 years, stopping along the way in a variety of states such as South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri,  Illinois and Iowa.  Along the way, some married, some were born, some died, and some stayed.   Their final destination was the brand new US Territory named Utah.  

Today thousands of their descendants still live in Utah, while many more have scattered all over the world.  This page is dedicated to providing information on this great branch of the Allred family.   We invite you to take a long, leisurely look around.  The variety of family histories provide a look into their pioneer lives and colorful stories about their travels across the country.  

If you are looking for information about your Utah ancestor, but don't find it here, please let me know.  If it's available, I'll be glad to share it with you.  If you have information, photos, or documents that you would like to share with us, please contact me.  We are always excited to hear from our cousins!  This is an ever-changing, ever growing web page, so check back often. 

As you wander around this web site, you'll notice a lot of people had the same names.  Many, many named Thomas, James, Isaac, William - it can get very confusing!  To help you keep them all straight, I have included links to each person's page on the Allred Family Roster.  By clicking on the links, you can see how each person fits on our vast family tree.

                                         Alice Allred Pottmyer
RMA President

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William Allred (Roster ID # 010206) family history:  You Will Get Those Arms posted 3/1/2003

Isaac Allred (Roster ID # 01020305) taken from AFO Newsletter #9, October 1991

Paulinus Harvey Allred (Roster ID # 01020510) taken from AFO Newsletter # 14, January 1993

William Allred (Roster ID # 010206) taken from AFO Newsletter # 16, July 1993 

William Moore Allred (Roster ID # 01020505) taken from AFO Newsletter # 10, January 1992

John Jones Allred (Roster ID # 01020604) taken from AFO Newsletter # 19, April 1994

Several histories written about James Allred (Roster ID# 010203), Utah Pioneer and founder of Spring City, UT are posted on the Allred Family Roster site.  Click here to visit and read!

Alleds scattered across the nation:
Byron Harvey Allred, Sr.. (1847 - 1912) was born in Kanesville, Iowa and died in El Paso, TX and most of his descendants live in Utah and the Rocky Mountain region.  Byron descends from the "original" Thomas, who, of course, lived in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Click here to read more about him.


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