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2003 Allred Reunion in Alabama

wpe5.jpg (42878 bytes) Thomas Allred, Jr.
April 2, 1771 - April 28, 1858

Dewel Lott has done extensive research on this branch of the family.  Dewel, along with his cousin Woody Jackson, are very possibly,  the foremost experts on this branch of the family.  The following are excerpts from Dewel's family history book.  This book, 413 pages of detailed information, documentation and family stories, is completely indexed.  To purchase a copy, contact Dewel.

Thomas Allred, Jr., born 1771 in Randolph County, NC, married about 1794 to Margaret Alldredge, daughter of Nathan and Hannah York Alldredge.  The family moved to Tennessee where all six of their children were born.  By 1818 they were living in Blount County, AL, settling along the Mulberry River.  There are no land records that indicate the exact area where Thomas Jr. lived, and he does not appear in the 1830 or 1840 Blount County, AL census.  His name, however, can be found in the Orphans Court records and in the Probate Court records during the time period 1824 - 1945.  In the 1850 census, Thomas Jr. was enumerated in the household of Elizabeth Gunter.  Elizabeth was the widow of John Gunter who had died in 1828.  The relationship of Elizabeth Gunter and Thomas Allred Jr. is not known.

Lemuel Allred, the son of Thomas Jr. and Margaret Alldredge Allred, married in Tennessee to Sarah ?.  They came to Blount County, Alabama with Thomas Jr..  It is believed that they had 12 children, but two of the children that have been included as theirs could possibly be the children of Thomas Jr..  They are listed as children Lemuel and Sarah because Lemuel signed the bonds for their getting married.  Several of the many descendants of Lemuel Allred remained in Blount County, AL. 

Another son of Thomas Jr., Andrew Allred, married in Tennessee to ? Roden.  He and his wife came to Blount County, AL with is father's family.  Four children were born to this marriage.  In 1827, Andrew Allred was married for the second time and they had six children.  Andrew married the third time in 1843, and there were nine children by this married.  Before 1860, Andrew was in Montgomery County, ALA and was enumerated in the 1860 and 1870 census there.  Descendants say that Andrew was a "whiz" in mathematics, and that he worked in the finance department of the state government.  No records have been found to prove or disprove this.  In the 1860 census, he was listed as a day laborer, and the 187 census shows that he was retired.  Two of Andrew's children by the first marriage, and two by the second marriage remained in Blount County, AL along with many of their descendants.  At the present time, nothing further is known of the other children.

Sally Allred, a daughter of Thomas Allred Jr., married in 1819 to Doctor Graves.  This marriage is recorded in Jefferson County, Alabama.  Sally died before 1824 and Doctor Graves remarried.

Another son of Thomas Allred, Jr., was William Allred who was married in 1829 in Blount County, AL.  Eight children were born to this marriage.  The oldest son was married in Blount County in 1856 and he and many of his descendants remained in Blount County.  William Allred, along with his other children. left Blount County, AL and it is believed that they went to Arkansas or Texas.

Solomon and Nathan, both sons of Thomas Allred, Jr., were married in Blount county, AL.  Solomon married about 1830 and had five children.  He died about 1849, and his widow remarried to J. C. Cosby.  One of the sons of Solomon remained in Blount County.  Nathan Allred married the first time in 1828, and then he was married the second time in Marshall County, AL in 1860.  He had at least five children.  Three or four of the children remained in Blount County, AL, but most of the descendants left Alabama.

There is evidence that most of the Allreds that left Alabama were on their way to Arkansas and Texas.  Some when on to Oklahoma after it became a state.  It is likely that a few settled in Mississippi.

Dewel Lott
The Family of Thomas Allred, Jr.

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