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Info and Photos from the 2001 Texas Allred Reunion

2004 Allred Reunion in Texas

Several different branches of the Allred family migrated from North Carolina to Texas in the 1800's.  We're still trying to sort them all out, and as we do, we'll post the information here.

I descend from the "original" Thomas who first showed up in North Carolina land records in 1755.  My branch of the family left NC in the late 1700's, moving to Tennessee, Alabama and eventually into Texas where I live today. 

Another major branch of the family which moved to Texas descended from the "original" William and the "original" John through their descendant, Renne Allred.  A descendant of Renne later became Governor of Texas in 1935.  So, the former Governor of Texas was a double Allred!  Confused?  Click on Governor Allred's family tree below and that will explain everything.

Below I've listed some of the research information that I've collected over the years.  It's not a lot, but it's a start!  Just click on each topic title to access the information.   Note:  I've divided the info into two categories - Thomas's Descendants and William's Descendants.  As more info becomes available and we learn of other branches of the family, I'll add those too.

I'm always looking for new information and welcome all contributions.  To contact me, just click on my name below. 


Research Tips: 

1.  A great place to do research is the Texas branch of the National Archives and Records Administration, 501 Felix Street, Ft. Worth, TX.  The family history department's phone number is (817) 334-5525.  

2.  Another good place is the Ft. Worth Central Library which has a great genealogy section which is growing every day.  Located at 300 Taylor Street, Ft. Worth, TX, Phone: (817) 871-7740.

Tombstone Photos

William's and John's 

Texas Descendants

wpe1.jpg (73037 bytes)Gov. Allred's Family Tree

Governor James V Allred Bio

Gov. Allred's Book on the Allred Family

Renne Allred, by his grandson Renne Allred (a Newsletter Article)

Elijah Allred and descendants



Texas Descendants

Mirion's Family Tree

Click here to see some of Mirion's family photos

Click here to read about how Mirion's branch of the family came to be in Texas. 


Alleds scattered across the nation:
Byron Harvey Allred, Sr.. (1847 - 1912) was born in Kanesville, Iowa and died in El Paso, TX and most of his descendants live in Utah and the Rocky Mountain region.  Byron descends from the "original" Thomas, who, of course, lived in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Click here to read more about him.


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