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Allred descendant, Reverend Brazilla C. Allred, wrote his memoirs in 1922.  He began by writing:  "My Great Grandfather, William Allred, was born and reared to manhood in Pennsylvania. In early life he came to North Carolina and entered a large tract of land in one and a half miles from the intersection or the confluence with the river. He built his home and settled down where he lived to a good old age and reared his family. The time of his coming to North Carolina was about 1740 or 1750."  This is one of the first clues we came across pointing to Pennsylvania as the American origin of the Allred family.  

For decades, researchers have been trying to figure out who those four Allred men (John, Thomas, William and Solomon) were and where they came from prior to the 1750's when they showed up in land records for North Carolina.  Many theories and stories have floated around, but no one could ever provide documented proof answering the questions.  However, in recent years, as more general genealogical information has become available through the internet, LDS libraries and public libraries, researchers have started to uncover some interesting tidbits - all pointing toward Pennsylvania.  

Below, you'll find links to the latest research news and information.  As more information is uncovered, we will post it here and/or publish it in the Allred Family Newsletter.  If you have information, family photos, tombstone photos, etc., that you would like to share - or if you would like to join in the research, please contact us!  We'd love to hear from you!

Go to Research Report about our findings in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, written March 30, 2003.

Go to:  Various Tax Lists from Chester County, PA showing Solomon Allred, Jeremiah York and other names familiar to researchers interested in the original settlers of Randolph County, NC

Go to:  Letter found dated 1695 written by John Allred of Manchester, England to Phineas Pemberton of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  This letter was found January 10, 2003 in the Pemberton Collection housed in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in downtown Philadelphia.  

Go to:  Research Report presented at the Allred Reunion in Randolph County, NC on September 7, 2002 by Mike Marshall.  This report details the most recent information and clues found leading us to believe Solomon Allred may have been the father of the four "original" men who came to North Carolina.

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