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North Carolina

Six men named Allred appeared in North Carolina land records in the 1750's.  Most American Allreds can trace their roots back to one or more of these men so it's little wonder that we consider North Carolina the 

                   Home of the Allred family 

Although the family began spreading out across the entire country in the late 1700's, many descendants remained close to home.  Today, Allreds live all over the state, but the majority of those descendants still live in Randolph County, some living on the original family land.  We are constantly collecting new information on these descendants and will post it here as we receive it.  You'll see this page and the entire web site change constantly, every time you visit you'll see something new. 

The county lines changed and new counties were formed all during the 1700's, making genealogy research in central NC challenging.  Using land records, we've been able to pin-point exactly where those first four men lived.  Using court documents, tax listings, wills, probate records, and various family documents, we've been able to piece together a good idea of what life was like for these four men and their families.  

This page is devoted to posting all the available information on the Allred family that lived in and still lives in North Carolina.  Below are links to some of the information and more is being posted "as we speak" so check back often.  

We welcome all contributions!!!!  Click on my name to contact me - to share and swap.  

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Why is Linda doing all this?

The first 4 Allreds in NC (a research report)

The "Originals"
Solomon     Thomas     William

North Carolina Marriage Bonds

North Carolina Allred tombstone photos

The Elrod Report

NC Allred Census Abstracts

Jesse Allred 1783-1844
His Sons
Jesse Jr.    Maloy 


Zebedee Wiseman Wilson (1823 - 1862)

the Naomi Wise story

4 Letters from the mid 1800's tell of family ties in NC, TN, AL, MO, and IN

1755 - 1779
Orange County
Tax Records


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Alleds scattered across the nation:
Byron Harvey Allred, Sr.. (1847 - 1912) was born in Kanesville, Iowa and died in El Paso, TX and most of his descendants live in Utah and the Rocky Mountain region.  Byron descends from the "original" Thomas, who lived in Randolph County, North Carolina.

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