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  Welcome to Mississippi

John Allred was born in Richmond County, NC about 1787.  While he was a small child, his father, Jonathan, moved the family to Clarke County, Georgia.  As a young adult, John moved to Mississippi.  Per Amite County, MS marriage records, John married Isabella Burt on December 3, 1812.  

Circumstantial evidence leads us to believe Azariah Allred (sometimes called Ezra) was John's first cousin.  We think, and I stress this is just theory based on circumstantial evidence right now, but we think Azariah's father was Phineas Allred.  Phineas was the brother of Jonathan mentioned above.  The first known documentation on Azariah is listed in Georgia Passport records, dated Friday, November 10, 1809 when he was granted a passport allowing him to travel through "the Creek Nation of Indians".  Azariah, his father-in-law John Bolling, and their families arrived in Amite County, Mississippi.  Note:  John Allred also settled in Amite County, MS.  Another interesting note is:  Phineas Allred, John's father - and we think Azariah's father, died in Franklin County, MS.  Two interesting clues, part of the circumstantial evidence that we are collecting leading us to believe Azariah and John were brothers.  

As we collect more information on Allreds in Mississippi, we will post the information here.  We welcome your input!  If you have additional information on these families, or other Allred families who lived in Mississippi, please contact us.


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