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Lemuel Howell and a chance meeting at the National Archives, Washington, D.C. - One day I drove to Washington, D.C. with two of our sons.  They planned to visit the National Archives while I went upstairs to the library to read microfilm.  Someone tripped a wire in the archives, so they had me paged.  My name was announced over the intercom, so everyone working in the room heard the page.  By the time I got to the desk, I saw a very excited man waiting there.  He asked me, "Are you an Allred?"  I explained to him that I was married to an Allred.  He told me his name and that he was a descendant of Rebecca Allred and Jacob Robbins. Jacob was the son of William Robbins and Mary Hollingsworth.  Mary was the daughter of Samuel Hollingsworth.

Lem told me that he had found a copy of Allred Family in America at the Library of Congress, found his Rebecca Allred listed, and then had used the book to further his research on his family. Rebecca Allred was the daughter of Elias Allred, Jr. and Mary Harrison.  Lem had a large box of photocopies that he had collected over twenty years, which I copied and returned.  I later obtained a copy of the marriage certificate of Jacob Robbins and Rebecca Allred.  Among the documents he had were the death certificate of Rebecca Robbins and her widow's pension application.

Rebecca Allred and Jacob James Robbins


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