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Hi!  I'm Debbie and although I live in Michigan, my roots are in North Carolina.  I'm an Allred two different ways, descending from both William and John.  William received his first land grant in NC in 1753 and John received his first in 1755.  John's grand-daughter, Patience Julian, married William's son who was also named William.   William and Patience's grand daughter, Susannah "Susan" Caroline Allred, married Henry Harrison Lassiter.  They were my Great Grandparents.
Confused yet?  Imagine how I felt as I was researching my family tree some 20 years ago! 

Most of my research has been concentrated in Indiana and North Carolina as I worked on my branch of the family.  But along the way I've managed to collect some information on other branches of the family who moved to the Indiana from North Carolina. 

I'll be glad to share what I have and offer aid with your research in the North Central States if possible.  I'm also very interested in collecting more information, documentation, photos, and other Allred research information and appreciate any contributions you might have. 

Just click on my name to send e-mail to me.  I look forward to swapping information with you!                           


Research Tip:  A good place to research the Allreds that came to Indiana in the mid 1800's is the Indiana Room of the Huntington City - Township Public Library, 200 W. Market St., Huntington IN. 46750-2655.  Huntington County has a web site at Click libraries to find a list of what they have.

4 Letters from the mid 1800's tell of family ties in NC, TN, AL, MO, and IN
Posted 7/31/2002

My direct family tree:  As you can see, William and Patience's son, also named William, married Rachel Coltrain.  

Abbreviated family tree of William and Rachel Coltrain Allred's son Abner's family.  This family settled in Mt. Etna, Indiana.  

Abbreviated family tree of William and Rachel Coltrain Allred's daughter, Susan's family.  Susan's family settled in Huntington County, Indiana in the late 1860's.   

For info on my Allred family tree, click here to visit the Allred Family Roster.  This link will take you directly to the page that details William and Rachel Coltrain Allred's children.  You can travel forwards or backwards within the family tree depending on which name you click on next.  

For more info on my Coltrain family tree, click here.

For more info on my Julian family tree, click here.

To see some of my family photos, click here.

To read the speech on Female Education written by Susan Allred Lassiter's sister, Patia Ann Allred in 1858, click here.

To read the speech written on General Education by Patia Ann Allred, click here.  

click here to read a letter written by Abner Allred to his Aunt and Uncle in 1896

click here to read a newspaper article of an interview with Laban Allred published in 1931

click here to read Rachel Coltrain Allred's obituary (1888)

click here to read an article about Susan Allred Lassiter

Newsletter Article about the Allred Home in Mt. Etna, Indiana


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