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Newsletter Issue #11, page 6, April 1992

Allred Family Coat of Arms

Allred Family Coat of Arms

by: LouAnn Allred Blakely

Recently I have done a lot of research in numerous British Heraldry and Visitations books to verify the authenticity of the Allred Coat of Arms.  This research uncovered many interesting facts that may not be too well known to some of our family members, so I would like to share them with you.

In 1584/85, during the Visitation of Yorkshire by heraldic messengers, a coat of arms was granted to and signed by one John Alred of the Charterhouse, near Kingston-Upon-Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  He signed the Visitation pedigree of his family as John Alrede.  John was the son of Thomas Alred, a gentleman and Minister of the Long Parliament for Kingston-Upon-Hull in 1557-1558; he was also the mayor there in 1561.  Where King Henry VIII visited Hull in 1541, he commanded a thorough repair of the manor house, formerly known as Suffolk Palace.  Thomas Alred came to Hull to fulfill the position of the paymaster-general of these fortifications.  Later the Alreds acquired the site of the Carthusian Priory and built the house which later became the residence of Thomas and his progenitors.  It was also the Governor's reisdence and is now Ye Olde White Harte Inn, off Silver Street in Hull.  Thomas was the son of Roger Alred of Tannington in County Sufolk, who was said to be "of good antiquitie". 

The coat of arms granted to John Alred of Holderness Wapentake in Yorkshire, was:  Gules (red), a chevron engrailed between three griffins' heads erased argent beaked or (gold). 

Although we have not as yet been able to tie our family pedigree directly to this John Alred family of Yorkshire, we are certainly justified in adopting their coat of arms to represent our Allred Family.  Present research being done seems to take our Allreds back to Eccles, Lancashire, which is approximately 80 miles from Hull.

To put it more simply, this Alred pedigree runs from father to eldest son as follows:  1. Roger Alured/Alred of Tannington, County Suffolk; 2.  Thomas Alred of Charterhouse near Kingston-Upon-Hull, living in 1584; 3.  Henry Alred, born about 1581, of Charterhouse;  4.  John Alred, born about 1607.  The two sons of Henry Alred (#3) i.e., John and Matthew Alred were very prominent Colonels in the Civil War of England.  John was one of the Members of the Long Parliament who signed the warrant for the execution of King Charles I.

Hopefully we can tie our ancestral line to this Alred family, but if not, at least we can take pride in their prominence and service to their country and the cause for which they stood - and especially in the way they honored our Allred Family name.


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